Oldupai Gorge

Stone Tools, Diet, and Sociality at the Dawn of Humanity (S.D.S.) is Canada’s leading research partnership interested in the science of hominid evolutionary ecology.

We are a collaboration of nine institutions from four countries on three continents. The partnership extends across disciplines to include archaeologists, paleoanthropologists, museologists, social and environmental scientists, geoscientists, biologists, and conservationists.
A recap of our Field Trip to Tanzania in 2019.

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Oldupai Gorge is one of the most prominent paleoanthropological locations in the world, and was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1979.

As a clearly defined and self-contained archaeological landscape representing the fossil and stone tool record of the broader East African region, Oldupai Gorge presents an exceptional opportunity to examine the effective human response to such things as fluctuating climates, habitat choice, and diet.

2020 Tanzania Field Trip update

The Upcoming trip to Tanzania this summer has officially been postponed due to the Coronavirus pandemic