UDSM Department of Archaeology and Heritage Studies

The Department of Archaeology and Heritage at the University of Dar es Salaam is located in the most important city in Tanzania, and is the leading research and academic unit pertaining to Archaeology in this part of East Africa. They have trained most archaeology practitioners in the country. This makes them the ideal candidate to co-PI this partnership. The College of Humanities has contributed a vast amount of information and logistical support for this project. This includes students for fieldwork, permits, and many other resources. Our lead contact here, Prof. Bushozi, is also the director of the Humanities Research Centre.


You can read more on their department activities and profile here:



Partnership Activities
  • Doctoral training of three Tanzanian citizens: Makarius Itambu, Mariam Bundala, Aloyce Mwambwiga.
  • Master’s training for Abdallah Mohammed, Kelvin Fella
  • Hosted workshop titled ‘Community Engagement in Multidisciplinary Research Approaches’
  • Fieldwork during 2016-2018
  • Research Collaboration on the site of Mumba