Saskatchewan Structural Sciences Centre

Our partners in the Saskatchewan Structural Sciences Center direct the prime venue in Canada for the analysis of material structure. Their facilities are top of the line, and together we investigate the molecular structure of starch granules from a physico-chemical perspective, to include vibrational techniques such as Raman spectroscopy  and Fourier Transform Infrared.

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The SSSC is a multidisciplinary research laboratory where academic and industry research is conducted. Researchers in Agriculture, Engineering, Medicine and Natural Sciences use the $15M of instruments and components to conduct research. Highly trained professional staff in the SSSC teach and assist researchers with structure determination and spectroscopy. Over 1000 highly qualified personnel (HQP) have received hands on training and over 50 industries have utilized the SSSC through academic or contract research. SSSC staff work with researchers to develop interdisciplinary research methods and hybrid instruments to solve problems. The SSSC’s unique open access model for an advanced research laboratory has invigorated multidisciplinary research. The laboratory is staffed by funds from the Office of the Vice President of Research and it is equally accessible to all researchers on campus. The expert user from traditional disciplines is guaranteed access to a well-maintained instrument and the non-expert can expect assistance to develop experiments and interpret data. SSSC staff facilitate transfer of knowledge between disciplines, collaborations and new research development between disciplines. Access to the SSSC is 24 hours per day, year-round.

Partnership Activities
  • SSSC PI Ramaswami Sammynaiken participated in the SDS workshop ‘Ancient Starch Research’ workshop in Zanzibar, giving a presentation and contributing to the deliverable paper
  • Co-hosted ‘Biochemistry of Starch Degradation: Taphonomic Insights’ workshop with SDS members at the University of Calgary
  • SDS PI Dr. Julio Mercader will travel to USASK in early December to collaborate
  • Hosted the ‘Mapping out the material science and geochemistry of starch taphonomy’ workshop funded by SSHRC, SSSC with participation from SSSC, SDS, Canadian Light Source and the Department of Food and Bioproduct Sciences (UofSask)