Our partnership shares laboratory resources and networks, as well as expertise. Many of the problems we study in ancient starch research and biomolecular archaeology require geochemical analysis; for example, we are currently modeling starch degradation and kinetic pathways in order to isolate potential fingeprints through Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectrometry. We also characterize and isolate hemozoins (a byproduct of heme detox by malaria parasites in the red blood cells) with the purpose of identifying malaria in the ancient world. You can see more about Dr. Steve Larter’s research group at the University of Calgary here:


Partnership Activities
  • PRG lead Dr. Steve Larter participated in ‘Ancient Starch Research’ workshop in Zanzibar, giving a presentation and contributing to the deliverable paper
  • Hosted seminars by SDS project researcher Jamie Inwood
  • Helped conduct analysis of multiple samples at their FTICRMS facilities