McMaster Archaeological XRF Lab (MAX Lab)

McMaster Univesity is a co-PI on this partnership. Their XRF facilities are unique in the country and contribute resolution to understand the chemical fingerprinting of rock samples utilized in early Prehistory, as a proxy of ancient mobility. Our institutions share resources and co-supervise students together. The research team at McMaster University lead by Dr. Tristan Carter. This is their website:

Partnership Activities
  • SDS Project researchers Julien Favreau and Matthew Abtosway went to join the MAX Lab to conduct laboratory work
  • McMaster researcher Tyler Murchie participated in the¬†Ancient Starch Research workshop in Zanzibar, giving a presentation and contributing to the deliverable paper
  • Project researcher Julien Favreau will be applying for a Doctoral program at McMaster’s to work under PI’s Dr. Julio Mercader and Dr. Tristan Carter