Instrumentation Facility for Analytical Electron Microscopy

IFFAEM is an analytical facility established in 2011 and built around an FEI Quanta 250 FEG field emission scanning electron microscope.

Our partners here have been instrumental in understanding the microstructural characteristics of starch granule at the micron level. They also help us understand the elemental characterization of starch granules through EDS, which is really helpful to obtain a preliminary understanding of mineral enrichment and fossilization processes of organic molecules.

The paragraph below taken from their website introduces the facility:

A rich assortment of aditional detectors and auxilliary equipment yields a facility well equipped to examine a wide range of samples using diverse imaging modalities, and to perform varied dynamic experiments, including experiments involving sample hydration, dehydration, heating, cooling, and exposure to various fluids which may be dispensed onto the sample during examination.

The facility provides analytical services supporting the  academic and commercial research of a diverse community of internal and external users including geologists, engineers, chemists, and biologists.

The facility is located in Room ES251A of the Earth Sciences Building, within the Department of Geoscience, and is managed and operated by Dr. Chris DeBuhr.

The principal investigator and director of IFFAEM is Dr. Federico Krause.


Partnership Activities
  • Microscopy of numerous samples from Olduvai Gorge, Bed I
  • Participated in ‘Biochemistry of Starch Degradation: Taphonomic Insights’ workshop hosted at the University of Calgary