Department of Food and Bioproduct Sciences

The partnership with the University of Saskatchewan centers on characterizing starch biochemistry as it applies to long term preservation of carbohydrates. Special attention is paid to variable crystallinity, internal granule structure, and differential resilience to degradation. Together, we apply various analytical methods to investigate internal starch granule organization and chemical variability across taxa.

If you want to know more about our partners, this is what they say about themselves:

The Department of Food and Bioproduct Sciences at the University of Saskatchewan provides the agri-food and bioresources industries with highly trained graduates and innovative research solutions for exploiting existing and emerging opportunities for the agriculture sector. Our interdisciplinary teaching approach provides Canadian and International students with the advanced knowledge and understanding of agricultural outputs and by- and co-products (proteins, carbohydrates/fibre and lipids), processing, genetic engineering and microbial biotechnology that can be then tailored to the areas of food science and technology, biomaterials, biotechnology bio-energy and nutrigenomics.

Partnership Activities
  • Participated in the ‘Molecular Insights from Ancient Starch’ workshop hosted in Zanzibar, 2017 presenting a talk and contributing to the deliverable
  • Participated in ‘Biochemistry of Starch Degradation: Taphonomic Insights’ workshop hosted at the University of Calagary in 2018
  • Meeting scheduled for December 2018 to explore the potential of collaboration with the Canadian Light Source, and initial analysis of reference materials and archaeological materials for a co-authored project on global starch taphonomy.